May Newsletter

Being scared of diabetes and its consequences is understandable but rather counter-productive. As with any ailment we have to cope, but this is best achieved when we know what we should be doing and act upon the best advice.

This point was brought home to me when we attended the summer fete for the 2nd Hook Scouts last Saturday. Overall we had a good response and let people know that if diabetes was an issue for them or their family, there was a Kingston-based organisation that was willing to try and help, and offered free access. But one woman who approached our stand who had diabetes said she was afraid to attend our meetings because she was scared as to what she might discover. I am sure there are many others who think in this way and part of our task has to be convincing more people to face the condition but also to know that if they are better informed their longer term quality of life will benefit. Diabetes is not so much a life sentence but another  obstacle  to be overcome as we move forward with busy lives.

However, research developments in fighting back against the implications of diabetes look encouraging. This was the essence of the presentation made by Manuela Volta, Diabetes UK researcher when she spoke at our May meeting. There are many trials and experiments underway with perhaps one of the most exciting being able to capitalise on the small production of insulin by someone with Type 1, as up until recently the consensus view was that Type 1 diabetics produced no insulin in their pancreas.

Raising money for more and better nationwide research is one of the key financial drivers of many Diabetes UK local groups, such as the one in Kingston. Although we only started last October this remains an important eventual aim of the group, but we do need to grow our membership, especially among more young people who have the most to gain from understanding and dealing with their condition at an early age.

Our big fund-raising event of the year is our forthcoming Quiz Night, kindly being run by one of our members Paul Napthine and taking place in the Hall of the United Reformed Church, Cavendish Road, New Malden – very close to The Fountain pub bus stop – from 6.45 – 9.30p.m. on Thursday 16th June. It is also very pleasing that we will be joined by Councillor Geoff Austin and his wife Sheila, the Mayor and Mayoress of Kingston. Open to everyone, tickets are available from Pravin Patel on  e-mail: