Diabetic Neuropathy Webinar

Diabetic Neuropathy Webinar

Dear All,

I hope you enjoyed this week's meeting on neuropathy and research interesting, I certainly learnt a lot. As agreed please find below the contact details of St Pancras Clinical Research if you would like to explore taking part in their research trials.

Website: https://www.stpancrasclinicalresearch.com/diabetes-neuropathy/

Email: patientcare@stpancrasclinical.com

Contact Number: 0203 865 1142

Kingston and Richmond CCG want to hold a consultation session with both Diabetes UK groups to find out what we want from long term health care. Richmond are going to host the joint meeting on I think the 4th May at 7pm but I will confirm the details soon.

Our next meeting is on knowing what the numbers mean in Diabetic tests. Please let me know if there are any areas that confuse you. So far I have the different HbA1C scales and the numbers related to cholestrol.


Anne Lewis-Lloyd

DUK Kingston Group Chair