Diabetes UK Webinar

Dear all,

Please find below the details of DUK Webinars that may be of interest.

1. Register for April Webinar, Diabetes Eye Screening 

*This event is a free public event, everyone is welcome.

Date: Thursday 29th April at 5-6 pm

Title: ‘Find out more about Diabetes Eye Screening’.

Speaker: We are welcoming Louis Bolter from the North East London Diabetes Eye Screening Programme to talk about the services available in the city and answer your questions

Register to attend here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYodeutqj4jH9OOXysXjdjwuYbzf-y8oV6Q

2. Managing Type 1 , Sport and Exercise, Q and A panel discussion for Type 1

*This session is for adults living with type 1 as well as parents/carers for children with Type 1.

Date: Thursday 29 April at 7pm .

Tittle: ‘Managing type 1, sport and exercise’  

Register here: https://eu.eventscloud.com/esurvey/sport

3. User-testing project

We have been contacted by Anneliese who is helping the Publication team update their booklet for people with Type 2 diabetes: https://shop.diabetes.org.uk/products/your-guide-to-type-2-diabetes

They want to do a brief consultation with people who have type 2 diabetes, particularly looking to speak to people who are more likely to want printed booklets and less likely to go online and get a diverse sample of people if possible. They’re working to pretty tight timescales, and the user research needs to be completed by 26th April

Anneliese and her colleague Ben (who is a health psychology researcher) are hoping to:

  • Do some short telephone interviews with people who have type 2 diabetes and ask them what information they find most helpful, as well as asking for their feedback on the booklet. 
  • Or we can also send people a form to fill in in the post if they would prefer.

Contact details: anneliese@thoughtfulcontent.co.uk