About us

The Kingston Information and Support group meets monthly, addressing specific diabetes-related topics at each meeting. These all take place in the Education Centre, Surgical Centre Building of Kingston Hospital on a Tuesday evening and dates are planned well in advance.

The group is very friendly and is intended not just for those with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, but also supportive family and friends who feel it would be helpful to know more. Attendance at all of these meetings in free.

Since Lockdown in March 2019, our monthly meetings have changed to online Zoom meetings. We are now looking at the possibility of returning to actual meetings but are still waiting on further instructions. We intend to stay online until 2022 and then going forward have a mixture of online and physical meetings.  Moving to Zoom has brought some benefits with a wider selection of speakers and more importantly allowing us to link up with other local groups such as Richmond to share meetings so we intend to continue to do this in the future. We have also created a Facebook group to allow group members to discuss any queries and issues they might have.

Currently, fundraising events are still on hold due to the pandemic. Since its formation in October 2015, the Kingston branch has contributed £2300 towards diabetes research and is supported by various local health bodies, including Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group.