Welcome to the Kingston Group

The Kingston Information and Support group meets monthly, addressing specific diabetes-related topics at each meeting. These all take place in the Education Centre, Surgical Centre Building of Kingston Hospital on a Tuesday evening and dates are planned well in advance.

The group is very friendly and is intended not just for those with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, but also supportive family and friends who feel it would be helpful to know more. Attendance at all of these meetings in free.

In addition the Group runs weekly exercise classes in association with the Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Fairfield, Kingston, which are designed to assist in living well with diabetes. These take place at the Centre each Tuesday morning at 11.30a.m., with most of the sessions taking place in The Studio with a strong emphasis on stretch and movement. There is no expectation that a person will come every week.  Cost of each session is £3.90, which includes a free coffee or tea at the end.

Since its formation in October 2015 the Kingston branch has contributed £1300 towards diabetes research and is supported by various local health bodies, including Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group.


  • Zoom Meeting 10/11/2020

    On the10th of November, the Kingston group held a zoom meeting with Alison Kelly, who is a diabetes specialist dietician to talk about managing...

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  • November 2020 Newsletter

    Sadly we are now in Tier 2 with new restrictions and the number of new cases of Covid is increasing rapidly. I do however have one piece of good...

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  • Zoom Meeting 13/10/2020

    In October the Kingston Group held its first online meeting via Zoom with Dr Gareth Hull who is the Diabetes lead for the Kingston CCG as speaker....

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